Welcome to the new PRFCT Line site!

By Rich Auger

Happy New Year! For 2016, The PRFCT Line has launched a new site and switched from Big Cartel to Shopify. Big Cartel was great for quickly and easily getting a website up and running while I tested the concept. Now it’s time to step it up a notch and take The PRFCT Line to the next level. The new platform allows me to do some things that I could not easily do before; some on the front end and much, much more on the back end. Here’s a breakdown of some of the changes you’ll see. 

My url
First things first, you need to be able to find the site. Many of you are used to theprfctline.com, but I am also now using theprfctline.bike as my url. Any of the urls with “bigcartel” in it will no longer work if you have them bookmarked. The .bike extension is a newer one that was just too appropriate to pass up. The .com will still work, so no worries there. This does not affect my email address if you have it. That still works. 

Sales, discounts and promotions
I now have more control and freedom when it comes to sales and promotions, so you will start to see me taking advantage of that starting now. You will notice some sales already available on the new site and some of you may even receive, for a limited time, special-use promo codes later this year. I am really looking forward to these changes. 

As with all passion projects that cross over into the world of business, the tax man needs his cut. The new platform that I am using allows me to charge the appropriate tax for all online orders based on location. I will do my best to treat cash orders made in person and at events tax-free for you. 

Shipping items in Canada continues to be expensive, but I am going to try and stick with a $5 flat rate for all items shipping within Canada. This works better for full-price items than it does for sale items, but it is important that I can offer this to you when other Canadian retailers charge much more.

Local pick-ups / drop-offs
I am still doing deliveries in person within the Dundas, Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Milton area. To arrange a delivery, please use the promo code LOCAL at checkout to avoid the shipping costs. I’ve had fun meeting so many of you this way and I would not want that to end. Too bad Krys closed down Domestique… Perhaps the S&E Brewing Co. in Dundas will take its place as the go-to meeting place once it opens. Fingers crossed.

New design template
I wanted to find a template that allowed for larger photos and I think I found one. I am going to continue to push the design and photography on the site as I reach out to some of you that I follow on Facebook and Instagram. I am coming for your photos. If you have one that you think would be amazing on the site, please send me a link via one of The PRFCT Line social media accounts (look in the site footer for links). 

With the old site, men’s’ and women’s’ shirts were combined even though the t-shirt colours or fabrics were sometimes different. With the new site, I have separated men’s and women’s sizes to bring you a more focused shopping experience. You will see new product photography later in the year as I continue to explore better product photography with and without models.  

Customer accounts
One new feature that is available for those of you who have placed several orders with me is the addition of customer accounts. This would make checking out a bit quicker and allow you to go back and look at your order history. I may even have special promotions from time to time for people who have accounts. :)  

Newsletter sign-ups
If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage you will see a sign-up form for The PRFCT Line newsletter. I currently do not have a newsletter, but one is coming and I would love for you to subscribe to it. I will figure out some ways to make it worthwhile for those of you who do with special promotions, polls and sneak peeks.

I have experimented with the details behind how and when I write cheques for the various organizations and I am once again trying something new. To make things easier for me and better for the organizations I donate to, I am going to write a cheque covering the donation for all t-shirts of a specific design once half of them have been sold. Writing a one-time cheque works better for me from a bookkeeping standpoint and it means that the full donation amount makes it to the organization quicker. It also means that I can urge all of you to help me get to the halfway goal sooner. Everybody wins. 

If you are reading this, then you have found the blog and the first PRFCT Line blog post ever. Congrats! I will do my best to keep you up to date with everything going on, including sales and promotions, new designs being worked on, events coming up, collaborations and partnerships, and so much more. Keep an eye on social media, as well, for new releases and other promotions.

A big thank you once again for all of the support you have given The PRFCT Line. You have helped me make this passion project thing far more than I ever thought it would be and I am truly grateful for that. I now have more riding buddies than I ever imagined, so keep an eye out for me on the trials with my bright orange Trek Remedy! It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you and I will see you on the trails and maybe even the snow.