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Welcome to The PRFCT Line where we celebrate the visual side of bike culture and the trails we love to ride.

The PRFCT Line (TPL) is a concept that's been brewing in the back of my head since #Whistler2012. My first MTB trip outside of Ontario introduced me to a new level of gravity-fed riding, epic XC trails and some of the most colourful trail names around. Everything is a little gnarlier in B.C., but it woke me up to some of the creative trail names back home in Ontario that I always took for granted. With that, an idea was born to celebrate our favourite trails on the most popular canvas available, the T-shirt.

If I was going to move forward with my idea, The PRFCT Line had to raise the bar and separate itself from the the bike tee options that were already out there. I wanted to carve out a different niche, so I sought to create a series of typographic T-shirts. These are not meant to be your typical bike tees. The PRFCT Line is for riders in the know. If you know the trail, you understand the T-shirt. It’s that simple.

I hope you enjoy the designs and collect the trails that you love to ride. Or, perhaps a specific design will intrigue you enough to get out there on a trail you have never ridden before. After all, it is about putting wheels to dirt and new experiences.

See you on the trails,

Rich Auger