A brief history of The PRFCT Line

The PRFCT Line (TPL) was a concept that started in the back of my head during a trip to Whistler in 2012 which included a stop in Squamish to ride the newly opened, and much-hyped, Half Nelson trail. It was my first MTB trip outside of Ontario and it introduced me to a new level of gravity-fed riding, epic XC trails and some of the most colourful trail names around.

I was on the hunt for some souvenir tees to take home for all of the sweet trails I rode on that trip but the pickings were slim. I did pick up an A-Line tee but that was it. Nothing existed for the trails in Squamish and Whistler only had about two other options. I was a bit disappointed but it woke me up to some of the great trail names that I always took for granted right here in Ontario.

An idea was born that would later turn itself into a side hustle that combines my two passions – design and bikes. The PRFCT Line launched in January 2014 with three designs.

The T-Shirts

I didn’t want The PRFCT Line to just follow the obvious visual trends of cranks and chainrings on bike tees. I wanted to raise the bar and separate the designs from the the options that were already out there from races and events. For The PRFCT Line I decided to focus on a  series of typographic T-shirts designed for people in the know. If you know the trail, you understand the T-Shirt. It’s that simple.

It is important to me that the fabrics chosen for the t-shirts have a softer feel than the heavy cotton freebies we have collected over the years. I always refer to it as the shirt you throw on after rolling into the parking lot after a ride before hitting a patio with friends.

My hope is that the feel of the shirt, along with the design, make you reach for it in your closet each time you look for something to throw on.

Giving Back

Because we celebrate trails built and maintained by others, The PRFCT Line donate's 5% back to the trail system for each trail specific shirt printed. 

Learn more about giving back

Thank you

The PRFCT Line is something that I have worked on outside of my 9-5 job so I would like to thank everyone who has, and continues to support me in combining my passion for design with my passion for mountain biking.

Rich Auger
The PRFCT Line